Thursday, April 9, 2009

What I've Been Drawn

As some of you might have already picked it up, I'm not much of a believer myself. The idea that a cosmic regulator never really sat well with me. Especially when you consider that once you give in to the notion of a creator, you take away your free will to a pre-destined life that you have no control of.

Life is strange, though. No matter how you seem to be incontrol of it, there are always things that happen beyond your control. I actually think failing is a much better option than accepting your "fate". When you fail, you learn from your mistakes and you make sure that the same thing never happens again. However, when life puts before you an undesirable circumstance, you have no choice but to wallow in misery.

That happened to me recently. Things progressed beyond my abilities to prevent them and I am feeling the consequences of that situation. More of that will sure to come my way. And here's my point: are these unforeseen circumstances pre-destined, or do they just happen?

It is very easy to succumb to the ignorant bliss of assigning all these to a cosmic saga, but I'm still not convinced. If this is my fate, and if my creator would rather have me go through these dire circumstances, what is the point? Why do I have to suffer to appreciate what I am assuming to be positive things that would come out of this? Can we all just live in peace and harmony?

If it's not destiny, or fate, then what is it? It is pure coincidence. There can be no other explanation. I would rather fail at something, but if I am destined to fail, then I don't want that. In that case I would rather have cosmic coincidence dictating my life than someone deciding for me.