Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back in New England

It is time to turn a new page in life as my time in Los Angeles, CA is over. I am back in Boston. This sounds like a step down in my career, but I see it as a little detour to something greater.

It's good to be back in Boston, albeit a VERY cold Boston. Living in Los Angeles for four months, I forgot what Winter waq - I left Boston in August, which meant that I had a perpetual Summer for this year. That was repeated when I went to Argentina in 2002. Driving back through Pennsylvania, I saw my first snow. In fact, I witnessed the first sings of snow in Maryland, where I spent the last night on the road with my Dad. I haven't felt cold or worn anything remotely warm for such a long time.

Seeing signs for Dunkin Donuts was a welcome return - but the coffee from the said place wasn't. The fact that I am now in a city where they care about sports - and are pretty damn good at it - also helps. Los Angeles clearly lacked that sense of community.

But, most important of all, I came back to be with my girlfriend and my family once again. And that is the prize above all else...This next few months will be very important and I intend to use them wisely.

I am flying out tonight to various locations and will try to dedicate some time to writing...hopefully...


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