Friday, April 4, 2008

Peter Bradshaw's 'Funny Games" Review

Here is what Peter Bradshaw had to say about Michael Haneke's own re-shoot of Funny Games (2008). For those who haven't seen the 1997 original, it is one of the single most horrifying filmic experiences of my life - and that's a compliment. I can safely claim that Funny Games (1997) is my favourite horror film I have seen yet. The re-shoot (it is a shot-by-shot replica, the only difference being a single line about a cell phone) has some issues with acting - though good they all are, it reminds you how important the acting was in the first place. I would recommend everybody to try to watch the 1997 one first and if you still have the stomach watch the 2008 film. Haneke is a genius in manipulating audience and this is further proof of that.



Blarney said...

I remember the original but never saw it. The tone is just nuts. I love the trailer to the (Psycho style) remake with it's darkly comic tone. I wish I had Netflix here so I could rent it but I do definitely want to see both now.

Gurur said...

They are both very good, but essentially the same movie. So, watching the second one immediately after the first one might be too repetitive. I would give a good few days in between. Perhaps even weeks to let it sink in a little.