Friday, February 1, 2008

'Lost' Season 4 Premiere

After months of waiting, hypothesising, and endless speculation about its fate, the most amazing TV show on air is back...with a bang.

As with many aficionados, I bought the Season 3 on DVD and marathon my way through it. Although I had seen all the episodes before, it never hurts to re-experience them. When the third season was airing, I thought it was slower and, frankly, rather boring. How wrong was I?

Season Three is probably the most satisfying ever since the Pilot episode. Full of twists, Michael
Emerson, and the first sex between the castaways.

Expectations were high for this season and I have to admit I had my reservations. Would it be a repeat of last season, where the first few episodes were miles away in terms of pacing from the end of Season Two?

Well, folks, they start where they left off. The curveball they throw in the beginning is the best revelation they have come up with yet - I nearly fell off my chair! Then the events on the Island!

I don't want to give away too much, but I can say that the Others will play an important part, but it will be even more difficult to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys now.

Lost is back. And our lives will once again have a meaning.



Blarneyman said...

It's on here on Sunday. I can't wait. Now if one of the castaways would just shoot Michael in the face a couple of times then I could enjoy the show in peace.

wheeler said...

Great start, but one thing that bothered me:


Hurley's spooked, so he leads a high speed chase!?!? Nope. Don't buy it. In the laws of cause and effect, one does not lead to the other. He's running from the Charlie, not the police. It's not like he saw Charlie in a cop's uniform, and was therefor affraid of the cops. Hell, Charlie didn't even seem to be chasing him.

I know, I know, it was a great scene and a great opening. I'll suspend disbelief and whatnot.

BUT I'm gonna complain about it. Yes, yes I am.

Gurur said...

Yes, but he got into his awesome Camaro and "was speeding in the wrong neighbourhood". Suspension of disbelief, dude...polar bears in the Pacific?...