Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Playlist

It's time for another Awesome Playlist - it was long overdue ...

(alphabetical by artist)

Walk This Way by Aerosmith: Because it's a  classic.

A Celebration for the Death of Man ... by Agalloch: Because I like to support local music.

Evolution 1 - The Bio Approach by Alchemist: Because I still haven't heard anybody like them.

In the Beginning by Amorphis: Because it takes me back.

S.S.C / Stand Or Fall by Anthrax: Because I love thrash.

Afterglow by Audrey Horne: Because I still find gems on this album.

Master of Confusion by Blood Ceremony: Because the '60s are, like, back ... man.

Inertias Cave by Cathedral: Because heavy-ass riffin' is awesome.

The Soapmakers by Clutch: Because they are simply brilliant.

Wasted Years by Damone: Because I never realized that this song had this much depth before.

Steal the Crown by Death Angel: Because old school thrash can re-invent itself.

Let Me out  by Electric Mary: Because it has a great groove.

Guardian by Fates Warning: Because I appreciate musicianship.

Lost in Confusion by Graveyard: Because I feel like I am lost in the space-time continuum.

We Are Finding Who We Are by King's X: Because they keep surprising me.

Hold Me up by Live: Because it reminds me how amazing they were once.

Bridge of Death by Manowar: Because they are here to blow our speakers.

Seabeast by Mastodon: Because I need to clean my ear cavity before their new album is out.

Watch the Children Pray by Metal Church: Because they defy all expectations.

Destroyer of Worlds by Onslaught: Because Brits can do thrash too.

Would? by Opeth: Because they do covers better than anyone else.

Enchantment by Paradise Lost: Because I can't stop playing it over and over and over and over again.

Shake Your Blood by Probot: Because Lemmy is singing.

Disco 2000 by Pulp: Because it is possible to write good pop songs.

Wizard of Gore by Rigor Mortis: Because thrash can be a versatile genre ... really.

Slaughter for the Sacrifice God by Skeletonwitch: Because this band deserves to get bigger.

She's Gone by Steelheart: Because he can sing, man.

The Frost-Giant's Daughter by The Sword: Because the riff ain't dead yet.

Swiss Grid by Turing Machine: Because music sometimes speaks louder than words.

Munki by Young Heart Attack: Because I still think these guys are the best band out there.

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