Monday, November 12, 2007

Man Your Battle Stations

Coheed and Cambria rocked and rolled Los Angeles last night and Yours truly was present at the proceedings. I want to dedicate this space to the aforementioned band.

It used to be a dinosaur rock: over-indulgent, snobby, and out-and-out British. But, prog rock seems to be taking over the masses without the masses' knowledge. Coheed and Cambria are one of the few bands that are bridging the gap between the prog rock shenanigans with the ridiculously emotional emo. And they do a great job at that.

Personally, prog rock is one of my favourite sub-genres of rock. I love the musicianship, the intricate melodies, the absurd's just fantastic. Understandably, it shouldn't be the music of choice for the ADD-addled generation of ours. Yet, last night proved this wrong.

Kids screaming "man your battle stations"! And not to some German power metal band, but an American band made up of, yes, young players! That's just amazing. Only a handful of years ago a music like Coheed's would be deemed ludicrous, but it is now hip.

For once, I'm I can share my prog with other people!!

Johnny Rotten...rot...

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