Saturday, November 3, 2007

Murder Party

This year's Sundance Audience Award winner "Murder Party" is a mess of a film and I am begging for information as to how the "audience" found anything remotely interesting about it.

There are films you need to watch under some sort of influence. Films such as "Super Troopers", "Starship Troopers", and other films with the word "Troopers" in them. And "Murder Party", from the wacky poster of our cardboard-suited hero surrounded by a handful of oddjobs wielding chainsaws, knives, etc., seemed like a good candidate for a film to be watched under influence.

My influence of choice was Sam Adams Light - one of the two light beers that actually taste remotely like beer and not a cat piss subjected to extreme solar exposure - and with the help of a dubious pepperoni and sausage pizza, "Murder Party" became the ideal choice of pastime for a Friday night.

And wrong was I...

This isn't a critique of the said film, but an indictment of the independent scene. Why can't they make films with a story? Independent films are what they are - independent. So, they should be independent of all the studio cliches, and deal with "indie" cliches. What is wrong with the writers? Oh yeah, they are going on strike...that's right.

What this strike will bring is an influx of independent films with minimalist approaches. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it will be a breath of afresh air to have something without a number in the title. However, if the tosh that will be put out looks anything remotely similar to this piss-fest, then I am ready to stop watching new films altogether and go back to my collection.

Please...let this strike not give a chance to films like this. Just because something is independent, that doesn't mean we need to support it whole-heartedly, with arms spread wide. I want to see another "L.I.E." or "Kids" or "Before Sunset", for crying out loud.


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