Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rethinking the Top 10

Perhaps I was too hasty when I submitted my Top 10 movies to the public (the modest crowd that they are), because this is the second time I am pushing a new movie into the list. If the move titles had any feelings, I would be the hate-mail recipient of some quite formidable titles. However, fortunately I am dealing with inanimate non-living and non-existing objects - I'm not going to go into a Barthesian discussion here about the significance and existence of names.

Here is a new Top 10 list for you, as Yours Truly finally saw There Will Be Blood yesterday:

1- No Country for Old Men
2- The Lives of Others
3- The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
4- There Will Be Blood
5- Gone Baby Gone
6- Knocked up
7- Feast of Love
8- Sunshine
9- Atonement
10- Eastern Promises

If you want to compare the previous lists, you can check here and here.

There will be a review soon up on my other blog ( Make sure you check it out within the next few days.


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wheeler said...

Saw There Will Be Blood last night. I was worried on my way over to the theater I would have to pull a Ru and revise my top 10. Thankfully, I do not.

I'll save the witty analysis for the upcoming review, but I will tell you a quick story.

A certain friend of ours, who may or may not have recently moved to Los Angeles, and may or may not have a cat named Pepper, and who shall henceforth remain nameless, accompanied me to the 7pm showing. Around 9:50 she was angrily stomping away from the theater, cursing me for forcing her to see the "worst movie" she'd ever seen. This was serious anger here. Like "I'll kick your arse in front of this entire pampered Grove crowd" anger. It was scary...

...and it about defines my There Will Be Blood experience.